Happy New Year everyone!

Now that all the holiday festivities are over it’s time to get cracking! Gavin, Ken, Anita and John have been working on our bikes this off season by either repairing or just plain old upgrading our equipment for next season. So now it’s our turn to make all their efforts worth wild.

As we know, Leather & Lace (#33) is running in the 300 Supersport class with Anita Thomas, Daisy DeSimone, and me, Slyder. The development team for Leather & Lace has been registered as Leather Express and will run in the E SuperStock class on the 250, with invited novice riders to be announced.

Leather & Lace was started to encourage females not only to ride a motorcycle but to race it and compete against the men. Having this secondary team finally coming into place is a milestone for us and I hope that your schedules can accommodate the CMRA Lightweight race dates. Additionally, Anita has agreed to fill the mentor position for the Leather Express team.

Both teams are sponsored generously by FastLine Motorcycle School with both classroom instruction and seat time on the track.  


For the 2014  CMRA Lightweight Endurance season the ladies will race 5 rounds which include 2 -2 hour races and 3 -6 hour races.


Feb 15             MSRH (Angleton)                 2 hour race (42 teams)

     Bike 33 (#9) Leather & Lace finished 6th in Class and 18th Overall

     Bike 32 Leather Express finished 13th  in Class 24th Overall

April 26          ECR (Decatur)                       6 hour race

Bike 33 (#9) Leather & Lace finished 3rd in Class and 14th Overall


July 5              MSRC (Cresson)                    6 hour race

Bike 33 (#9) Leather & Lace finished 3rd in Class and 16th Overall


July 26             TWS (College Station)         6 hour race

 Bike 33 (#9) Leather & Lace finished 3rd in Class and 8th Overall


Nov 1              TWS (College Station)         2 hour race


The ladies are looking forward to going head to head against the men once again and are proud to walk the walk!